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scroll down to get an idea of I have done and how we may be able to work together.  


Below is a non-comprehensive list of things I have provided for clients. I love working through creative marketing challenges at all levels of budgetary restrictions. From the upcoming food truck owner to the large restaurants chains, all present unique and interesting challenges.   



Brand Marketing

From asset acquisition to social media management, every organization needs to have an active social media presence.

A powerful SEO and regular postings is where it starts.  A simple, yet effective form of marketing. 


Graphic and Web Design

Over the past several years I have expanded my graphic design portfolio, especially during the pandemic. I am an expert at Photoshop and Illustrator and have used those skills for projects ranging from website construction to print ads and menu design.


Teaching and Mentorship

Since graduating with my MFA from Columbia in Chicago I have taught at the collegiate level wherever I have been.  Columbia, DePaul, Southern Maine Community College. Teaching all ages of students continues to be a passion of mine. 


Video / Film Production

I have been involved with productions ranging from the absurd (Jerry Springer and COPS) to the sublime (Grand Canyon Journey with the American Heart Association).  I have shot community theater and for the Food Network. Doesn't matter what the scale is, video is a powerful tool.  


Post Production

I love the process of editing. I have taught a variety of post production classes using Premiere, which is my go to, but I also know Resolve, Final Cut and AVID.  I have cut many projects ranging from features to music videos.



I have made several feature documentaries and would welcome the opportunity to do more in that field. One of my primary clients over the years has been the American Hospital Association. My Chicago business partner and I have shot over 20 documentaries for them.  These films focus on the challenges of public health in inter-city neighborhoods. We have travelled throughout the country documenting these struggling communities. 

Give me a shout. I am always interesting in meeting and talking to new people regardless of whether they will become a client. So much can be done in the world of media.  


References and additional support material can be provided on request. 

Kendall Harnett

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